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Birthdate:Jul 26
Website:Death Dealer

That is the one word that describes this woman better than any other. When her family was slaughtered, Selene took it on herself to hunt down and avenge them with the gifts that her vampiric sire, Victor, bestowed on her. For over six hundred years, the vampire has hunted down and killed the lycans she believes responsible for the deaths of her parents and siblings, warranting a not-undeserved reputation for ruthlessness and absolute loyalty to Victor.

Selene is familiar with just about all medieval weapons, and most modern ones, along with the advanced technology to use them. Her strength and endurance are something that has to be seen to be believed; she can pick up a full-grown man with one hand, jump from a great height and suffer no ill effect and moves faster than the eye can see when she wants to.

Joyous emotion is a normally foreign concept to Selene. Most of the time she displays an eerily calm demeanor, expression shuttered and neutral until she is pushed up against the proverbial wall. Her bitterness comes out then, along with the responsibility she feels to negate the taking of human life as little as possible, and to destroy her enemies completely. Even should those enemies turn out to be the very people she believed saved her. Betrayal leaves little but the taste of ashes in her mouth and an overriding need to set things right.

The one person she will open up to is Michael Corvin. A human caught up in the war between Selene's kind and werewolves through no fault of his own, he became Selene's only ally, and later, her lover. There is nothing she will not do for him, no line she will not cross to keep him safe, and beware those who try and separate the two.

In short, Selene is very dangerous. Tread carefully.

Selene is from Underworld/Underworld: Evolution, and is the property of Lakeshore Entertainment. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playingfrom which no profit whatsoever is being made. This journal may include adult content that pertains to sexual or violent matters and should not be read by minors. You have been warned. Mun is over 21. Muse is around 600.
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